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Time is one of the biggest assets in this rapidly growing world. It’s the most vital thing for employers as well as for employees. Efficient time management is really important for a business’s continued growth and profitability. Every boss wants to keep a track of his employees’ activities. He wants to know if his employees are working effectively and on time. In the case of larger companies, it can be really difficult to keep this track of all activities. If there’s no time management or understanding of what people are doing every day at work then the company can lead to inefficiency. This problem can be overcome by using timesheets. Timesheets are an essential tool for all types of businesses. These can assist businesses in recording metrics as well as analysing data. This article briefs about the importance of timesheets and how they help in saving money.  

What is a timesheet?  

 A timesheet is a data table that is used to record the time spent on some specific job or project. Many companies and businesses use these timesheets to track time spent on various tasks, different clients as well as projects. These can be effective in assisting with HR tasks that include holiday entitlement calculations or payrolls etc. Advanced technology has brought digital timesheets in the format of spreadsheets like DrEmployee timecards and many more. There are several types of timesheets:  

  • Working timesheets:  

The timesheet that is used to track the time spent by an employee on any particular task or project is recorded by this timesheet.  

  • Working schedule:  

These timesheets are used to record the working hours of employees for weeks, months and years.  

  • Weekly timesheet:  

The amount of done work by an employee in a week is recorded by this type of timesheet.  

Many different types of methods are used for timesheet implementation. These methods include:  

  1. Paper-based system:  

Punch cards and registers are included in a paper-based system to create spreadsheets. Most modern businesses acquire software systems instead of paper-based systems for an innovative type of spreadsheets.  

  1. Spreadsheet software:  

These days’ digital spreadsheets are really common. The software that is mostly used for this purpose is Excel. The tabular form makes it feasible to create timesheets through this software. This method has made it easier for businesses to keep a record in digital form.  

  1. Online time-tracking software:  

This is a software system that offers a wide range of functionality beyond other systems. It’s a bit expensive related to other software but offers many advantages for modern businesses. 

Importance of Timesheets: 

As we have already discussed how timesheets assist employers in being aware of the work of the employees. These help in focusing on how to increase the productivity of the business. Let’s discuss the importance of timesheets and how they help in saving money.  

Reduction of time wastage by measuring productivity:  

Managers and executives can take better leadership decisions by using timesheets. This process helps in reducing time waste and encourages employees to work productively. Timesheets can assist in identifying time sucks or roadblocks. This way, managers can see what everyone is working on and how much time they are spending on a certain task.  

This way by keeping an eye on the employees’ productivity throughout the day, a leader can make better decisions. You can also see the hard work and effort your employees are putting into their work which helps in becoming an empathetic leader. This empathy inspires employees to do their job more effectively and increases the respect of the leader.  

Accurate Billing:  

Timesheets are a great way to provide reassurance to your clients about their projects. You can keep a record of their project’s progress as well as the billing costs. By keeping a record, it’s possible to justify all the invoices and billed hours. Concrete and solid reports can keep a client from making any kind of mistake when it comes to payment. This way, your company will get its deserved payment without any problem.  

A timesheet software solution can help in avoiding repeated emails from clients about their project’s progress. By keeping a record of the project in this sheet, the client can know what work is already done and what is left. Similarly, the time required to complete the project can also be tracked by the client through these timesheets. 

Improved Project Management:  

Timesheets have become an important tool for project management. There are many ways these sheets can be acquired to make sure a project is well managed as:  

Performance tracking:

With these timesheets, the employee’s productivity is tracked. Managers can know which employee needs to be more efficient and who is already performing his tasks well. In modern timesheets, such metrics are available that help in analyzing the employees’ performance.  

Manage costs:

Timesheets keep a track of your teams’ progress. By keeping this record, managers can calculate estimated costs for future projects.  

Manage time:

Which project is currently in progress? Which employee is working on what task and how much time is required or left? All these questions can be answered by using timesheets. This way an employee’s time is managed.  

Powerful insights leading to increased efficiency:  

When a person has such a high level of insight into his company’s progress, the time and energy saved by this can lead to improvement in other major tasks. Such sorts of improvements can increase a company’s performance ratio which affects its reputation and name. A company depends mostly on its employees’ performance. More efficient workers can have a brilliant outcome leading to the betterment of a company.  

Whenever there’s a project going on, there can be certain shortcomings that might affect the progress of that certain task. With these timesheets, a manager can highlight the points where his employees are failing over and over again. Through this team, leaders can investigate the roadblocks and make plans that can further assist in the execution of the task. This way workflow is refined and also the burden of not being able to complete a task is removed as well.  

Save money through better HR:  

Timesheets provide a better understanding and concrete information about your business and its progress. A full record of what your employees are up to and how they are working can help save enough time and money. You can spot which worker is the most proficient out of all. This way you can reward them which will further help in increasing their morale. Also, all such employees who are wasting time and costing your business money with their poor performance can be highlighted.  

This means you are well-informed about your company and the progress it’s making. You know what changes should be made and which departments need some refurbishments. All of this helps in better decision making like hiring more staff etc. This is one of the best ways to increase the productivity o your employees by showing them their constant work progress through timesheets. 

Removing biases:  

Each employee’s performance is tracked in the same way by using timesheets. This helps in removing the biased attitude towards any employee. Everyone is treated equally and according to the same rules. This ensures a bias-free working environment for all. No employee can make any sort of claim about any biased attitude because everything will be tracked and kept as a record.  

Tracking project costs:  

A company becomes able to track whether they are losing or gaining money on a certain project by using timesheets. The time spent on a project can be calculated hour by an hour which makes it possible to charge a client per hour. This way you don’t end up losing money or time on a certain project. 


Hence, it is evident that timesheets have become incredibly important in this modern world. They can be used to track productivity in a very improved way thus, increasing efficiency. This not only saves time but also has better outcomes. 

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