Streamline communication with our smart shift scheduling software

shift scheduling
shift scheduling

Create and manage schedule

Schedule changes are updated immediately and can be viewed on the Onevision app (on iOS/Android) or desktop

Staff can add available hours to an availability calendar

Check if the team has viewed the schedule

Add ‘open shifts’ that employees can request based on preference

View the record of requests for shift trades and covers, including who they were requested by and when scheduler

Set up a clocking-in system for your location Scheduler

Our timesheet software can be used when clocking-in, starting breaks, and clocking-out

Get alerts when a staff member is late or approaching over-time

Sit back and let our timesheet software handle payroll too

Enable selfies for clock-in for authentication

Enable geofence to prevent misuse. This means employees can only clock in when they are in a defined parameter around the store. 

shift scheduling

Less hassle with timesheets

View employee timecards (including scheduled and actual hours), paid hours, unpaid breaks, and any issues reported during shifts

Set up how many breaks are allowed, how often, and whether they are mandatory

Sit back and let the timesheets sync with payroll to automatically calculate wages

Manage shift change requests Employee shift scheduling

Shifts can be covered and traded via Scheduler

Time-off can be requested to be reviewed by a manager

Requests are all made online without the hassle of face-to-face communication or phone calls, which ensures faster communication

Employee and manager can review all previous request Employee shift scheduling|

shift scheduling

Set up payroll and eliminate errors

Choose when to run payroll (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)

Enter hourly pay for different positions (trainee, supervisor, etc)

Let employees see their own wages against hours worked

Eliminate human error with automatic wage calculation

Let staff view payroll data without having to ask HR

How can Scheduler help your business?

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Higher employee satisfaction

With the availability calendar, employees can be assigned to their favoured shift times, which results in higher contentment at work.

Employees can request shift changes and time-off easily online.

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Higher efficiency!

Manually, the payroll process requires you to check hours worked, attendance, take into account overtime, and eliminate discrepancies. Our shift scheduling software automatically calculates this for you.

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All the data in one place

All data on attendance, shift schedules, payroll, and more is available on the website and app

All the data is accessible from anywhere and anytime

Transparency helps your business grow and keeps employees and customers happy and loyal

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Higher efficiency!Eliminate errors and prevent time theft

Time theft from practices like buddy punching and rounding up has led to $11 billion lost per year, or 7% of your annual payroll (WorkPuls, 2020). Just minutes can cost you millions.

Businesses that used shift scheduling softwares are 44% less likely to make errors (ASAP Payroll Service, 2021).

In Canada, 58% of businesses still use outdated time tracking systems, like paper timesheets. In the US, the figure is a little lower at 38% (Wagepoint, 2019). A lack of proper time tracking also leads to overpaying of up to 200 billable hours/year (Workpuls, 2020).


How does a geofence work?

A supervisor or manager can assign a radius around the store location in which an employee must be to clock-in If they are not near the store, they won’t be able to clock-in This is to ensure that staff are actually at the location when they clock-in

Are photo clock-ins mandatory?

No, It is a manager’s choice if they want this option enabled Again, this is simply to prevent early clock-ins, as a photo can place staff at the location