No more QR codes or emailing surveys - we made it even easier

Feedback Survey

Customize the questions

Our system lets you choose which questions you want to ask and which categories you want to monitor. You can add questions and customize them for each location. 

On your dashboard, you can view all feedback and how your stores are doing in comparison to each other in each category.

Easy-to-use for customers feedback

Simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions that can be answered easily

Detailed comments, complaints, and follow-ups and optional

Can easily be completed on the way out

Saves time compared to manually collecting and recording feedback

Feedback Survey

Review Anytime Feedback Survey

No need to worry about tracking and recording information

Clear categories can be viewed anytime from any date

See how many customers have filled out a survey

Check the percentage of positive and negative feedback

You can always see the status of comments requesting follow-ups

How Feedback can help your business?

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By helping to quickly spot and resolve problems

Did you know that a majority of customers will not return after a single bad experience? With a poor feedback system, you might not even be aware of what these problems are that are driving away potentially loyal customers. Onevision’s feedback collecting software will:

help you spot trends over a period of time (in rankings)

help to point out recurring problems popping up in detailed feedback forms

tell you which problems are location-specific and which ones are an issue everywhere feedback survey.

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By saving you time

Whether it’s holding training days, manually scheduling shifts, or collecting feedback, you are spending time on tasks that can easily be automated and save you hours and hours of your time. Instead, Feedback will:

collect feedback and automatically upload and rank your stores

eliminate the chance of losing feedback forms (or forgetting to send them out)

get faster responses as opposed to emailing forms

accommodate for your growing business and work with any number of customers

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By improving customer satisfaction and loyalty

Customers like being listened to, and in this day and age, millennials more likely than other age groups to share good experiences. Since it costs much more to acquire new customers, we understand how important it is to keep existing ones happy and content.

Our follow-up feature lets you track complains and comments, and see what action has been taken to satisfy the customer

If you’ve spotted a recurring issue in feedback forms, making changes will show customers you take their concerns seriously

Feedback Survey

How does it work?

Install a tablet kiosk in your store. This can be any tablet running iOS or Android.

Download the Onevision Feedback app on the tablet.

Open the app and log in using your store pin. This is different for all locations so that you can manage and compare accurately.

Let the app do its magic! As long as the screen is on and the tablet is connected to a power source, customers will be able to fill it out on their way out or while they are waiting.


Check out the FAQs below to see if we can answer any queries you have.

What if someone doesn't fully complete their survey?

Once someone enters any information onto the screen, they will have a specific time in which to complete the survey. After this, the screen will refresh to a new survey so that new customers aren't deterred by a half-completed page.

Who can edit the questions?

Only managers and supervisors with the permissions can edit the questions. You can choose who to assign permissions to.

Which tablet can I use?

You can use any iOS or Android tablet, as Feedback is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Does one login work for multiple locations?

You will have to purchase the software for any location you wish to record. These can be merged and displayed together on your dashboard, but your plans will have to be purchased separately for each location.