Shift Scheduling couldn't be simpler

We’ve added everything that’s been bothering you, and we trust that you’ll find our shift scheduling software just as useful as we did shift scheduling. 

Manage everything from your phone. That’s right, you can manage everything with the Onevision app.

Filter by location. You can easily manage the shift schedule for any location even from the app.

Check who has seen the schedule. You’ll be able to see a list of all employees who have viewed the shift schedule on Scheduler.

No more panicking about shift changes

It’s always stressful trying to find last-minute cover or running into emergencies, but we’ve got you scheduler *insert sunglasses emoji*

Create open shifts. Employees can choose which shift to take, ensuring fewer problems and cover requests

See whose available. If someone has to cancel, you can see who else has marked themselves available for that shift.

Time-off requests can be made online. All you need to do is review and reply with a rejection or approval.

Limit time-off requests to a set number and to only be allowed a set number of days in advance.


Timecards are synced to payroll

Once you create the schedule, everything works out neatly for you in terms of the payroll Schedule.

Timecards are the key! Once you create the schedule, your employees can clock-in. Hours worked are then used to automatically create the payroll.

You can see who is clocking-in. You can see the timecards for all shifts and employees, and whether there were any unscheduled clock-ins.

Can I create and manage shifts by only using the app?

Yes! The app has all the capabilities that the desktop-version has, which means you can create shifts, manage changes, and review everything on it.

Do I get notified about clock-ins?

If you want to. You can choose to turn on notifications if you want to be notified anytime that an employee clocks in to their shift.

You can also choose to only be notified when someone is late or is going into overtime.