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Why do you need an employee training process?

According to BambooHR, up to 31% of new workers quit within the first six months of employment, and 76 percent of workers surveyed needed on-the-job training. However, more than half of workers constantly search for a new career or keep an eye out for vacancies. According to Glassdoor, efficient employee training increases recruit satisfaction by82 percent and efficiency by over 70 percent. Methods to engage and attract staff are a consistent indicator of failures during the training process. It seems rational to automate workers’ training process.

What is the reason for this? The average expense per employee training is over $4000 as per the reports of society for HR management. When we remember that the average business turnover rate in the Canada is about 22%, this number adds up. As a result, you must ensure that new employee training is practical. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time and resources. Employee training software that automates the process improves delivery, traceability, and measurability.

Benefits of automating the training process

Both the recruiting and training processes are crucial to the relationship between company and employee. So, why should we automate it? Well, automation doesn’t mean there’s no human interaction. Instead, there’s a good balance between automation and interaction with supervisors. We’ll look at all the advantages and details below.

1.Decrease time and cost for Training:

Automation has a substantial positive impact on the bottom line. You won’t have to think about the costs of in-person training at an offsite venue, which can quickly add up as you consider the cost of travel and instruction. Furthermore, once an online course is set up, you can use it repeatedly rather than spending more money on training for and recruit.

Employee training programs often allow workers to contribute while at work rather than attending a training session at the organization’s expense, allowing them to contribute while at work.

Employees will concentrate on getting the job done instead of being distracted by frequent interruptions. According to a report byworld economic forum, 8 out of 10 enterprises will have introduced cloud-based Automation worldwide.

2.Create a Talent Pool

Better training attracts better employees, which is one reason to suggest in-house employee training tools. The best businesses inevitably attract talented and skilled employees who prefer where they want to work next. How do they decide which companies are the best of the best?

They look for measures, such as facets of organizational culture and indications that a business is progressing by providing educationally satisfying workplaces.

This impression can be managed with the help of good training software. It indicates that the company is well-equipped to recruit new staff, influencing interest in open positions.

3.Create successful Digital On-boarding

To face new challenges, businesses must embrace new technologies. Employee on-boarding software enables remote workers to complete the on-boarding process without difficulty from any place on the earth. The on-boarding method can be automated for continuity and convenience. You can even begin the process before the first day.

Sending offer letters, delivering training and monitoring, exchanging documents, receiving confirmation, and employee reviews are all items that need to be done.

HR managers should have complete control over every phase of the process and keep track of all operations, records, and details. You can keep track of each employee’s On-boarding with Automation.

Gone are the days when you had to take workers out of the workplace for classroom training. On the other hand, automation systems operate in combination with other essential management resources such as employee training monitoring software, tools for tracking employee attendance, employee time-sheets, scheduling software, and so on.

4.Employee Retention

Employee training software is an essential first step in maintaining high company morale and inspiring employees’ overtime. Furthermore, proper training from the outset leads to overall work satisfaction.

Your company would be more stable if you reduce the turnover rate. Regularly losing employees due to insufficient job training and having to rehire staff to replace them devises the organization in a phase of flux and causes needless stress. From the employee’s viewpoint, it may jeopardize the company’s credibility.

5.Create Relations at Workplace

It is an unusual way in which employee training software can contribute to the overall corporate culture. Using employee training management software provides managers and supervisors with a more transparent view of employee progress, which aids in developing better relationships.

Training managers can more easily establish a strong bond with an employee with a more transparent window into performance and training achievements. It keeps them in sync with other aspects of their working relationship.

6.Higher customer satisfaction

Better training leads to better customer service, and that means happy customers. The majority of customers report customer service being one the most important factors when remaining loyal to a brand. Brand loyalty and good service brings in money. Indeed, businesses with exceptional customer service and loyal customers perform much better than their customers financially by bringing up to 5.7 times more revenue.

Many employee training software also have the ability to deal with customer concerns. For example, Onevision has a dedicated Feedback section that can be used in-store to record customer feedback and deal with complaints internally.

In addition to this, the employee training software includes a Helpdesk app that can be set-up as a database for all customer queries that can be accessed by employees and/or customers so that time isn’t wasted chasing around supervisors or managers.

Automate Remote Employee training process with Onevision

Onevision is a platform for e-learning and digitization of employee training process that focuses on Automation. We provide you with the most user-friendly platform to automate your process right away, without the need for IT experts.

It can be achieved in a couple of hours or days by anyone depending, of course, on how many steps and complexity. You can create your own or change one of our models.

If you’re looking for an employee training software, look no further. With Onevision, you can use eLearning to train employees, Feedback to manage and collect customer feedback, and Scheduler to schedule and manage shifts and time-sheets. Join us today with a free demo.

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