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Simplify training with eLearning

eLearning helps you cut down on training costs and time spent on designated training days and venues by increasing productivity and reducing unnecessary costs.

Create courses enterprise eLearning

Upload videos, documents, quizzes, and tests for onboarding and general training Enterprise eLearning.

Improve customer service

More training leads to a higher chance of career progression, which leads to higher employee retention and customer satisfaction.

Manage shifts with Scheduler

No more faffing over next week’s shift calendar. No more discrepancies in the timesheets and payroll.

Create and share shift calendars

Upload videos, documents, quizzes, and tests for onboarding and general training employee shift scheduling.

Manage payroll employee shift scheduling

Scheduler’s clocking-in system works with payroll, which eliminates errors to do with overtime etc.

Easy-to-use for customers Feedback Survey

Simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions that can be answered easily feedback survey

Detailed comments, complaints, and follow-ups and optional

Can easily be completed on the way out

Saves time compared to manually collecting and recording feedback


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Grow with Feedback

Collect high quality feedback from customers without having to take out time to email surveys or push customers to answer.

Collect feedback in-store

Our Feedback app can be downloaded to a kiosk tablet so that you can collect feedback from customers as they wait or before they leave

Utilize the data

Our feedback collecting software can help you spot trends, problems, and comments that are consistently popping up, which can help to improve certain areas of customer service.

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kaushik parmar
Head of Content

Helped a lot to get more productively from employees and save extra cost

Sahar Bilal
Head of Content

Couldn’t be more happier with this App. i love this App!! It has a tremendous reach to your customers, data, your to-do list, and business learnings and feedbacks … Fivestars to this revolutionary Application.

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